The Yurt Camp at Abbey Home Farm is an exciting and unusual venue, perfect for Hens and Stags looking for something different, something a little more wild, in the nature sense (but can be both!). It's of particular appeal to people interested in where their food comes from – we grow enough to eat from the farm all weekend and you can see how our food is produced on one of our famous trailer rides (with an option of organic champagne on board and the chance to deck the trailer in pink if you feel like it too....!)

The camp has a big outdoor fireplace and covered kitchen area, equipped for camp cooking and a woodburner in one of the yurts which gets lovely and warm - a great communal space if it's cold or rainy. The Yurt Camp holds up to 18 day or night, maximum.

The first step is to check the availability of the Yurt Camp by clicking here.

Do contact us to have an initial chat if you are organising a group booking and are interested in a package or a pick and mix. Meanwhile have a look at the information below to give you some ideas of catering and activity options.

Food, Catering & Meals
Most Stag / Hen party organisers have said its great to have everything pre-arranged when organising for so many people, especially as the budget is fixed so everyone knows what is being spent. See catering costs here.Then the only thing you need to worry about when you arrive on the Friday night is lighting the fire...and Darren is usually around if there was a problem with that! However if you prefer to be more adhoc, we have a shop FULL of lovely local food, including all our own meat, dairy and veg for you to buy as needed.

Meals can be DIY on the campfire and/or in the cafe (CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO COVID) at lunchtime.

Suggested Itinerary
All of our activities are dependant on availability so do ask us if you are interested in specific activities before you arrange your date. Click here to download a PDF overview of our activity options.

Friday night
Arrive @ the Yurt Camp and have a BBQ with our farm meat and veggies.

Saturday morning
After a delicious fry-up with eggs, bacon, etc from the farm- go for a tour to see where it all comes from. Farm tours can be on the trailer or a fun and informative guided walk. If you don't sleep in too late maybe collect the eggs from the real hens on the farm! Have lunch at the cafe or picnic at the yurts.

Saturday afternoon
Team up for a scavenger hunt, do a woods activity or have a tour of the veg garden and farm yard .........

Saturday evening
Grill some of our chicken and other meats raised on the farm (or veggie equivalent) and then relax around the campfire. If you're feeling up for it, come for a night walk with us- perhaps we'll spot some badgers if you're lucky (and quiet!).

Sunday morning
Have a leisurely morning with a simple breakfast, saving your appetite for your delicious roast in the cafe. Typically guests begin slowly clearing up and heading home but feel free to stay another night, the Yurt Camp is yours until Monday at 11 am.

You can also hire eBikes from the farm through the amazing Cotswold eBikes. Explore the beautiful Cotswolds, taking in the fresh country air, lush views and lots of food and watering holes along the way. For more info call 07367182402 or email

"We all had a brilliant time, and some of the girls said it was the best hen party they had been to! It was all really easy, and really fun lighting all the fires and so beautiful. We found it was well equipped, and very friendly, and I have been reccomending you to friends. the trailer ride was great too."

"We had a really great time - I think a couple in the group were a little sceptical of my plan when I first told them, but then everyone ended up having a great laugh. I found it all very easy indeed to get it sorted with all of the team at the farm, all the way through from making the initial booking. I appreciated you chasing me up when I hadn't got the answers you needed, as I think you also appreciated that organising a larger group (partic. boys), and that was carried through to our stay and the scavenger hunt. We all thought it was very refreshing not to be overloaded with Health and Safety warnings and rules and regs, and rather given a degree of trust and freedom to enjoy the brilliant camp and farm, which is just wonderful by the way! The hunt was really fun, and well pitched for the group, and I was really pleased we went for that option."

"Just want to say we had a fantastic time on the hen do. All your staff were fab and
so friendly. All food that we had was fantastic and very yummy."



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